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Our Consultant Relations team is comprised of experienced professionals dedicated to serving the consultant community in their local markets. Members of the team are responsible for providing consultants with greater insight and transparency into Fort Washington's broad range of investment capabilities, delivering timely and consistent information through all channels of communication, and otherwise ensuring that the company provides the highest quality service to consultants.

We assign an individual market contact within the Consultant Relations Team to coordinate Request-For-Proposals (RFP's), ensure detailed information on strategies is provided, and facilitate direct contact with investment managers. In addition, they will work in close collaboration with the Consultant / Advisor, on an ongoing basis, to ensure that we maximize the relationship with our mutual clients and keep them abreast of market information and leading topics in the industry.

"We understand that the Consultant or Advisor's role is a challenging position and we aim to keep them addressed of market developments and the particular strengths of Fort Washington. We believe that establishing strong integration between Business Development, Institutional Relationship Management and our Investment teams should significantly add value to the consultant relationship."

~ Marty Flesher, Managing Director, Business Development and Relationship Management

  • Accessible professionals for market insights
  • Quarterly market updates on private equity investment themes
  • Transparency and customization on reporting and data requests

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