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  • Surge in Risk Assets Intensifies

    Our Chief Economist reflects on the third quarter as risk assets continue to surge since mid-2016.

  • Markets at Midyear: Weighing Geopolitical Risks

    Our Chief Economist provides a midyear commentary assessing the fallout from Brexit and looks ahead to the U.S. Presidential election and the potential effects this may have on financial markets.

  • The Trump Rally at an Inflection Point

    Looking ahead, markets will be fixated on pending tax legislation for businesses and households. Read more in our Chief Economist's first quarter commentary.

  • Markets at Midyear: Calm for How Long?

    Markets were unusually calm in the first half of this year even though the U.S. economy grew less than expected and healthcare legislation stalled. Our Chief Economist, Nick Sargen shared his thoughts in a quarterly commentary.

  • 2016 Outlook: Growth Divergence to Continue

    Our Chief Economist, Nick Sargen, provides an outlook for 2016. He explains that the U.S. economic environment is likely to remain benign in the coming year, while we are also cognizant of several risks to the forecast including oil and commodity prices, slowdown in China, and problems in Europe that could be exacerbated by an influx in refugees. 

  • Emerging Market Equities

    Chief Economist explains why he thinks the BRIC theory is conceptually flawed and more of a marketing concept than an investment strategy.

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