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  • Dividend Trap or Compelling Total Return Opportunities?

    David McColl, Senior Portfolio Manager of the Midstream Energy/MLP strategy, shares why midstream valuations are compelling and key points from the FERC announcement.

  • Equity Markets Turn Volatile

    The stock market has experienced a surge in volatility. Our Chief Economist, Nick Sargen, reflects on the first quarter in his commentary.

  • FHLB Spread-Based Borrowing Program for Insurers

    A spread-based borrowing program is investing low cost FHLB advances in higher earning assets to generate a target rate of return on capital. Read about this program and Fort Washington's thoughts on the framework and key considerations. 

  • Designing Portfolios for Unpredictable Times

    Fort Washington is sponsoring the Pensions & Investments’ Global Fixed Income & Credit conference on March 6 and March 8. Fort Washington’s fixed income team is featured throughout the pre-conference supplement, Designing Portfolios for Unpredictable Times, which offers insight on how investors are laying the course to traverse the difficult terrain of global fixed income and credit markets.

  • FANG in a Value Portfolio?

    How can value investors build a framework for growth opportunities? Jamie Wilhelm, Head of Public Equity, and Dan Gibson, Product Specialist, explain and walk through a company example.

  • 2018 Outlook: Solid Economy, But No Encore for Markets

    2017 was a stellar year for global equities fueled by renewed investor confidence. Will 2018 be a breakout year? Read our Chief Economist's outlook.

  • What's Down on Inflation?

    Fort Washington's Senior Portfolio Manager Dan Carter shares his thoughts on inflation and why it continues to be below the Fed's target.

  • Customized Liquidity Management Solutions

    It’s been one year since money market reform. Have you evaluated your cash management strategy? Senior Portfolio Manager, Jay Devine, provides a summary to help you balance risk and reward through cash segmentation. 

  • Why Active Fixed Income Wins Over Time

    Senior Portfolio Manager Paul Tomich shares why fixed income is well suited for active management. For investors with a longer-term horizon, active management can provide greater results. 

  • Surge in Risk Assets Intensifies

    Our Chief Economist reflects on the third quarter as risk assets continue to surge since mid-2016.

  • Waves of Impact from Harvey and Irma

    Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left a trail of destruction across the Southeast. As communities rebuild, the Structured Products Team examine how the damage may impact financial markets.

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